About her.

She holds the world inside her. Treasures so deep you can’t even find them. She too lost in finding someone compatible that can withstand the hurricane inside her. Maybe the world seemed to be too cold and gloomy to see the fire and warmth inside her. She holds the feelings of her dark days and loneliest nights. Inside she holds the tears of endless hours of crying. Outside she has the happiest of smiles. Smiles that are too beautiful and exquisite. That blew away all her distress and agony far far away. She having dreams of her parents and songs of her friends. Was it too hard for the world to give her the thing she loved. SHE LOVED HIM and HE LEFT HER. He left her because he didn’t see the brightness and fire inside her. He left her because she was too caring and breathtakingly amazing. She inspired her. She made her forget his pains. But he being the part of this materialistic world left her with the silience around her. Silence so deafening she turned into an oblivion. She started questioning her dignity. She started questioning god. Her questions which were left unanswered carved deep trenches inside her heart. Wounded like a warrior she stood up on his feet and took the throne and crowded herself a queen. She forgot the saddness and misery and continued her own way. God looking from above smiled at his own piece of art. Art soo beautiful that turned the universe. It changed the thinking of people. She led by the darkness inside her promised never to fall in love again. A new soul came around her with the most fascinating vibes. She questioned again “CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE?” Karma smiled and said my child “you will fall in love with someone who doesn’t loves you, for not loving someone who did.” All the things seemed clear to her because she got answers to her questions. The boy with the strangest of vibes caught her like all the stars collide. She left something she never did because she forgot how love really felt. She kept going on breaking hearts. But this boy changed the way she thought. She realised love isn’t something that’s meant to be lost, it something that comes from deep within when you feel the warmth of the sun and the cold of the moon at the same time. Love is undefeated. Love can’t be conquered but love could be understood and felt deeply. Love is something imaginary but still soo materialistic that when you fall in love you don’t fall for appearance you fall in love with souls. She married him and he the trallver of antique lands showed her the treasures she kept holding inside her.


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  1. Charu says:

    This touched my soul.❤


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