Do you ever imagine yourself in a situation when you don’t want to talk to anyone just pretend that you no longer exist and want others to understand how you feel? 

I know how you feel. To be honest I’ve seen you that way because no matter how much you try to hide things your eyes speak out everything. I mean anything from your eagerness and urge to talk to someone or the anger and hatred inside your soul,maybe deep love and affection for someone really close to you. But the hard thing is people don’t really understand to deep meaning in those two pretty eyes that speak a hell lot rather than just observing stuffs. How bright those eyes light up when you see something you desperately wanted. I mean all the butterflies come flashing in when that special one comes across. 

Ever imagined how it felt being left out and lost and thought no one could ever understand how you felt. Well there are your eyes which hide every little emotions you are trying to steal away from people around you. I feel you and I can see you struggling out there but trust me it’s not that hard. Sometimes that right person will understand everything and anything even the slightest of your emotions by the way you look at him/her. I believe eyes are the best possible gifts of God that do much more than making you visualise stuff. 

The way she looked at you when you were sleeping in your own thoughts. The love running through her veins and feelings pounding out of her heart. All these were conveyed by the eyes. The way she looked at YOU. It was much more than what words could ever say or convey. 

Even in worst of your days your eyes don’t give up. They keep on telling you about the goods left in the world. The way an old man looks at her wife who just passed away didn’t tell that he wants her to be back with her. He was conveying the message that “don’t worry my beloved I’ll meet you in heaven soon.” 

A proud father looking at her daughter when the world denied her the privileges and comforts proving all odds wrong and going at the top tells about the amount of joy father has in his heart. Maybe that joy can’t be explained with any combination of words. But eyes tell the sacrifices he made to get her daughter to the top. 

A poor woman who worked day and night to get her child formal education doesn’t show that she was desperate to have good lifestyle but she believes her only child will live a life see couldn’t live. Eyes speak it all. Eyes aren’t that small.

I feel now you know eyes aren’t just two parts that let you observe things but let you know how the world really feels. It tells us about the things that human mind and human heart fail to convey to us. “EYES NEVER LIE,PEOPLE DO!” 👀


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