What is love?

One day she asked me,”what is love?”

I didn’t say anything and to be honest I didn’t know what to say at first. She beside me looking at me eagerly and bit anxiously because she expected a warming reply. I saw two birds chirping merrily at the branches of the tree. I said this is love. She perplexed by my answer asked,”how can this be love?” 

Me with a smile on my face asked her,”do you believe in god?” And as expected she said a yes. I said,” like this there is love. You don’t see it you can’t describe it but you feel it, you feel it exists in things around you maybe in little chattering of small children, maybe in the blowing wind that slowly glides through your face and goes by, in the eyes of your parents, in the heart of people and every where in nature around you, you will find love.

“But how you are too sure about it?” She asked.

“I’m not sure but I do have this feeling that whenever you feel something strange inside your heart, when you make your parents proud, when you hold someone or something you love for the first time,when you literally need someone and that person comes out of nowhere sitting next to you,when you totally let yourself be free in the presence of something. Love can’t be described. Love isn’t something materialistic. Love is something deep and affectionate. It’s something dillusional and deceptive. It’s something your heart wants but mind stops you from having. Love is nature in itself. Love can be anything and everything around you. Love is the way you look at me. Love is the way I miss you when you aren’t here. Love is the urge to touch you when you are miles apart from me. Love isn’t something, love is everything. Like god, if you believe in love it’s in everything around you. Even in small little fights and crazy long drives. The way you tuck your hair back. The way you smile unconditionally. The way you tell me about everything you did the entire day. The way you walk, in the way you talk. I’ll always fall in love with these things. This is love. This is why I always LOVE you.” He said looking at her.

And she awestruck just hugged him with deep affection.💕


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