Is everyone happy in this world? Is everyone satisfied with who they really are or they are still trying to become someone they never would or never really can. What makes me sad is the way I’ve seen things. The way I felt them with every possible minute detail. Can anyone ever feel the same about me? Can anyone ever believe that I’m the best for them and they love me for who I’m?

I’ve met people maybe thousands of them but no one stayed. No one really praised me and guided me through my difficulties. Instead of saying “hey look up I’m here” they left me saying “you can’t do it”. Was it all I asked from you? Even with all tears and feelings I had for you,you just turned your back when you said you will always be here and face the world with me. Am I so difficult to understand? Did I become to dependent on you? Maybe your silence was decieving and I thought you would take a step back just to help me out. I’m sorry that I even expected that from someone like you. Someone who can’t even handle their problems. I always tried to be there for you. I always wanted to be your protector. Was I wrong in being vigilant towards you? Was I soo wrong in caring for you? 

I gave up my sleep and all my comforts for you. I woke up late nights so that you don’t have a single freckle of tears on your cheek. Those eyes deep black and full of unknown secrets made me think you cared. But instead of being their you walked away. So far away that I can’t even see you from these desperate and needy eyes. But I still hope that someday you come running to me saying ” hey it took me long, long enough to realise your are soo important to me.” 

You left me alone. You left me all alone in the middle of the night, in the gloomy dark sight.


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  1. Charu says:

    I’m in tears. You’ve written it so well.

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  2. mini says:

    Can I jzz know…plzz…is this all for ur ex ,present or someone else..jzz out of curiosity..

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    1. It’s for no1 feels I guess. 😊


  3. mini says:

    I don’t think so….if it’s from ur heart dn its truly for someone….


  4. I’ll tell you something sometimes the only thing you have it your words and your mind. And maybe from all I’ve been through I guess words are the best companion of a person. Words show how a person feels. Maybe it’s for someone maybe it’s not😊


  5. mini says:

    As far as I think even words find a way out when smthng or smone touches u deep dere….rest is a mystery that I know bttr maybe…Mr.



    1. Ms. Unknown I won’t say you are wrong but maybe sometimes it’s just the things you observe because calling it love for someone is too mainstream for me. I guess love has much broader meaning to it.😊 Thing people don’t understand in the first place


      1. mini says:

        A deep mystery revolves around ur thoughts……Mister……still I think I somehow know a few secrets that shouldn’t be know..I have a few scars of mine that are relateble …gn Mr.blogger

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      2. Everyone has scars and wounds it’s just keeps on getting better and better if you live life in a very passionate way. You should live in moments.


      3. mini says:

        And yes Mr.blogger …a small suggestion….if really ur blogs are not destined ..good 4 u…BT if they are….try to heal the cause soon….b4 it gets later
        .good luck


      4. I guess time heals everything. Intact time has made me someone I never imagined of 😊 I was glad you made time to read my words ❤💬


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