A river of memories.

What do you think of me now? Do I hold the same place I had years ago. It hasn’t been that long but still feels like decades. Decades of sadness and misery we were into. When was the first time we talked? When was the last time we talked? You aren’t here anymore. Your aura is lost in the wilderness and chaos of the cities. Your tenderness and warmth is lost in the cold and drenched rains. I still see your shadow in the moon light but why are you walking away from me? Why you are so afraid of someone you gave your heart to? Why aren’t you here right now when I’m crying in the corner of my room? Why aren’t you here when my insides are paining because of endless and countless days of sobbing and screaming? I’m looking at the pictures of you, it’s been days I still don’t get a single text from you. Was is that wrong in giving my heart to a sorcerer? I entrusted you with my heart and faith, I entrusted you with feelings and emotions. Why you did that? Why you forgot that you made me fall for you by the words you spoke, by the smile you put on, by the way you hold my hand, the way you look at me, the way you breathe faster when I hold you close.

Come back to me. Don’t give upon the memories we had. Don’t forget the promises we made. Don’t forget the late night talks we did and the way you laughed so beautifully that even being miles and miles away from you there were butterflies inside my stomach. Aren’t you the best thing happend to me? Don’t you see how much I tried to get this thing going? Don’t you see how much effort I put in to just have a look at your pretty face. This isn’t lust and if it’s lust for the world maybe a word like “love” never existed. 

We see each other everyday.

You are the one to walk away.

I fall for you everyday.

Aren’t you willing to be my Sunday. 

The brightest of day and darkest of night.

The loving talks and crazy fights.

The crush that turned to love.

And the love that’s just enough.

A love that’s not gonna go in vain.

To get to you I’ll bear every pain.

To meet you, to hug you,

And to say to you I’ll always love you.❤


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  1. mini says:

    Question Mr.blogger….why is the girl afraid of the one she gave her heart to ..and what for she is afraid….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She is afraid because she knew what world is like and once she gave her soul and heart to someone she loved and he left her alone..He left her vulnerable. She was afraid to feel the same way


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