When you’re gone.

In the middle of the night outta nowhere you said “I had never felt for you anyways”. How long you had this feeling inside your mind? Were you just piling it up till it became an unbearable burden and you just bursted out to me. To be honest I didn’t feel anything at that point, there were just images of us being together all this time. We had been together for years and now you just wanted to let go of what we ever had. Somewhere between I love you dear and I hated you for a long time there was just one thing that was different that was feelings. From love and affection it changed to hatred and pain. You aren’t gone from my life, I’m gone from yours. I’m gone from the darkest of your days and brightest of nights.Even thought nights aren’t bright but the way you poured every bit of you in every moment made it shine brightest of all. 

“I don’t want to be with you anymore” these were your last words. I’ve haven’t seen you after the day we parted our ways out. But once every now and then I feel you aura inside of me maybe it’s something that will never be erased. Something that can’t be replaced. I’ve heard you moved on. I heard you will get married soon. I don’t feel sad, I feel lost. I feel like we’ve been together always and we’ve been together forever. But feelings aren’t the most reliable aspects of life. I know it’s hard. Hard to let go. Hard to set it all free and let everyone know. Let everyone know that I’ve been this way ever since you left, cold and haunted by the memories you gave me even with the slightest of your touches. Even the sound of the clock’s tick tock makes me feel like I’ll get a message from you soon that “hey wanna meet up” or “hey how are you”. 

When you’re gone

It’s gonna be sunrise without a dawn.

When you’re gone 

I’ll never watch you walking past this lawn.

I hope it takes more than just courage to move on.

And forget what life has drawn. 

Forgetting about everything you did

Which were soo hard to resist.

If love did last 

And failing to forget you wasn’t that fast.

Can you come back and stay?

Can you love me anyway?

Can you do a small favour to me?

Just tell was it all true or just a mere memory.❤


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