Shooting star.

“Look a shooting star”,she said holding his arms more tightly and putting her head on his shoulder with more affection. 

“What was your wish pretty lady?”, he said in a rather sarcastic tone. 

“I want the most handsome and caring boyfriend in the entire world”she said looking at him.

He was still looking up in the sky as it was a pretty decent looking night and the stars filled up the sky.

She asked”what are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at you.” He said with a smile on his face.

“You aren’t looking at me. Liar!”she said poking him.

“You know what makes this night a special one?” He said.

“No. Solve the mystery please.” She said in a very annoyed way. 

“I thanked the almighty because I will cherish this very moment for the rest of my life. The warmth of your beating heart and how close you are to me right now. This is it. This is forever for me. This is the moment I want to live in, every single day of my life. The silence, it’s sonorous. The beauty of this very moment is beyond my imagination. The vibes that I feel right now are something that I won’t ever feel again. I want to live right beside you like this.” He said with a big smile on his face that night.

She didn’t understand the beauty of the moment. Maybe she was lost in her own tragedies. The sat there for the a little while as the looked upon the same sky with different perspectives.

He knew she was the one. She knew it he was just another one. But deep inside they were meant to be each others.

Years past and boy came to that place once every week. She wasn’t beside him. He felt the agony running deep. He had been alone in this big town. He wanted her to be with him.

He was sitting on the same bench one night. It was the same moonlit night where once he saw miracle from his very own eyes. He was soo amazed because it felt like nothing has really change. 

He closed his eyes. He saw the night when she was beside him. He felt the warmth of her tenderness. He felt the vibes so deep that he almost forgot he was sitting alone. A shooting star passed across the moonlit sky. The same star that passed some years ago when he told her how she was his forever. She was his enternity. She was the light that touched his heart and illuminated his soul. She was an illusion. 

He said looking at the sky,” you knew it was her. You knew that I couldn’t have had lived a day without reminding myself how important she was to me. Then too you took her away. You took her with you in the stars.”

He was in tears. He was sobbing and crying out loud because he had been strong all this time. Because she wasn’t here to hold him tight in her arms. She was the elixir to his thirst and no other girl could ever fulfill his urge to hold her in his arms. It has been years since she left the world. She was elegance and sophistication. She was a beauty with a resounding mind. 

He loved her with all he had but God had some other plans of her. 

The shooting stars always reminded him of her. The shooting stard always told him she was up above, watching him with a smile. Maybe with some tears in her eyes.


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