What if.

What if I told you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Would you feel happy and blush with a big smile?

What if I told you I’m too tired of trying everyday of my life to make it up to you, but end up really disappointed. Would you tell me to stop trying because you are already mine?

What if I told you I can’t stay long in this world and I have to go someday. Would you love me more and praise everything I do? 

What if I was just a shadow in the darkest of you thoughts. What if I was a light that never reached you. What if my vibes never gave you any chills. Wouldn’t you ever make any effort,to get me back? Wouldn’t you come and hold me close? 

Whisper me in your soft voice that you need me. Run away with me, so far away that the lights of the cities that made us blind, never reach us. I want you in silence, I want you in peace, I want you as my remedy. 

I’m here alone sitting on this cold bench, my eyes are searching for you. Won’t you come and hold my hand? Won’t you tell me how possessive you are about me? About how much you care for me?  

That voice that echoes in my head. It’s the colour of my blood that reminds me for your red apparel. The way you looked that night. The way your stars were shining brighter than anyone elses. You were outshining them all with your grace. The way you moved and the way you talked. 

I look up in the sky and I see your favourite colour. I see the colour of calmness and cold. The colour that is soothing. The colour you love. 

What if I told you that everything you once loved is now everything I love. I do everything you did. I’m following you nowhere. Irony is my pathway to you. 

What if the road I’m walking never reaches to you. Will you come back to me making some new ways? 

What if the puzzle of our live is not that simple. Will you give up without even trying? 

Talk to me. 


Answer my questions. Don’t leave me like this. I’ve been waiting to hear it from you all this time. To hear it from you one last time. 

What if I told you I love you. Would you ever love me back?


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  1. Arpit Upadhyay says:

    What if ?πŸ‘΄I grew old will she be there for me ? What if? 🀐I die will she weep for me . I don’t know all that now but waiting for the girl who will , yes she will! πŸ˜”….

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