Why there is distance when you want that someone to be close to you? I guess distance tells you the importance of the person, maybe it tells how strong your bond is. Distance is nothing but separation of two hearts that want to be close to each other. Why distance is important you say? Well distance is something that is an integral part of our lives. It’s like we don’t understand the value of that things until and unless it’s taken away from us and we can’t see it anymore beside us. I know distance is something really crucial that maybe is just a thin thread on which we let our heart go. We let it go thinking that the person on the other side keeps their words and doesn’t show us their backs.  

I know distance is really hard to coupe up with and maybe it’s the only thing that makes a relationship or breaks it. When you are used to looking at that person every day then it’s like “yeah they aren’t any important and I’m totally fed of them” but when they go it’s like “I’ve been missing them since day 1. 

Long distance relationships are the hardest kind of relationships and are unique in their own kind. They are totally based of the idea of trust and loyalty. But why they fail? Why long distance relationship don’t last as long as normal relationships? I’ll tell you maybe it’s because the other person gets a better and more compatible being around themselves. They get over their love feeling for mere lust. Or maybe they never were in love. Love isn’t saying “I love you” love is like saying I love you once in a day and meaning it by bottom of your heart. By feeling every word you said. And the best part of distance is when you get to see that “special” person. It’s like a dream came true and your face turns completely red and you rush to that person and hug them soo tightly that they almost get choked. The urge to hold them, the urge to feel their smell and the urge to feel their vibes. That’s what distance means. It’s not a group of letters making a typical sense. It means an entire world to someone and it means everything. 

Distance is like sound of rain miraculous and devastating at the same time. Just depends on the importance it holds in your life.❤


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