Your name.

“Look she’s here.” Every friend of mine shouted as you entered the class. Your name was the only thing I thought was mine. I don’t know why but the feeling of having your name listened by people is out of this world. “Look she’s coming.” Being teased by your name was gave me pleasure of the entire word. An instantaneous source of smile and laugh which gushed through my body. Your name was magical. The way you spelt your name during some professional meetings or even in assembly gave me chills. A thrill and adventure was revolving around those group of letters. I remember the day you sat beside me with the most fascinating vibes. The elegance, the smell of your hair, the sound of your monotonous voice. It was all too much for an idiot like me. I was in love with your soul. The way you fluttered around like butterflies with brightest of colours and most vibrant and mesmerising  way was unique. I felt nothing but the amount of joy and happiness you gave to me in those short glimpse of time. 

I don’t hear your name now. I don’t see you anymore. I die each day to see the smiling face and take birth again to come across your face. You were my best dream, which I don’t ever relive again. A dream so true that I almost had you within me. You were breathing faster than you ever did. You looked into my eyes. I saw the entire ocean of treasures and secrets you kept inside you. You were a masterpiece of disaster and calmness. Your black eyes which were darker than the days you’ve been all alone. They were as silent as mist. I want to feel you again the way I did in that dream. The way you put your head on my chest, with that beautiful smile. Your name gives me all this feeling at once. Your name is a dream in itself. So true I recall everything and anything at the isntance.

Don’t you hear me calling out your name? Why are you walking in this dark without me when all I ever wanted was to hold you in your weakest. Has darkness got soo better of you that you don’t even remember me? Turn around. I’m calling out your name. I’m screaming and crying for you to come. And hold my hand and walk with me till the very end. Aren’t you listening? I’m calling your name. 


7 Comments Add yours

  1. mini says:

    Take my name once and I’ll b dre


    1. I don’t know your name.πŸ˜…


      1. mini says:

        U know it very well


  2. unknown says:

    U know it……very well


      1. mini says:

        Js kidding…that was my poem’s name….m a poet….haha


      2. Glad to know it. πŸ™‚


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