My kind of perfect. 

Again She was having a really bad day. Scolding from teachers,  and parents were also really fed up of her behavior. She was not able to figure out what to do next. She had this friend of her who always told her she was perfect. She never realized what he really meant to say.  She called him. She told him about her bad day and everything getting messed up lately. He said “meet me tomorrow at the ground.” He hung up the phone.  She was quite annoyed as he didn’t talk to her in usual manner.  Next day they met. Boy was already there and before she could say a word,he took her by hand and told her to come with him. She was sensing a strange kind of happiness inside of her as they both were going somewhere new.  “climb up!”he said giving his hand down to her. They both were climbing at the top of a tower. It was almost sunset. 

He said her” you know, you are just perfect. ” She was soo angry and sad  she said began to cry.” I’m here right”he said with a big smile.. She looked up in his eyes. It was something she never imagined of.  She was in love for the first time.”why you are doing this? I’m not perfect.  I’m the most imperfect  person. I don’t live up to expectations, I’m ruining my dreams, I break hearts of people who love me.” She started crying more intensively. Almost choked her voice up. “you know that I’ve  been in love with you all this Time?”he said. There was that awkward  silence. Like everything stopped for that moment. ” You are perfect. You make it all happen at once. You make me feel the nostalgia of life. When you are sad I have those sleepless nights. When I walk with you I feel like everything is just working out with me. When I think of you it’s like my face lights up and my pains go away. Don’t you see how perfectly imperfect you are? I can stare at you for eternity and still will fall in love with the way you look up at me.  How can I even think of anything when God’s  own gift is infront of my eyes.” He was breathing faster than he ever did as it was the first time he told her what he felt.  

It was silence all around. They went home walking and no one uttered a word. In that moonlit night in an empty road he was looking at her and the way she was walking so gracefully  like a swan and the wind that carried her fragrance  was beyond what words could describe. She stopped suddenly.  His heart skipped the beat. Butterflies and storms inside his stomach. He was blushing. 

She looked up to him and said “I…

The dream finally ended.  

“wake up you fool!   You are already late for your school.” mom shouted. 

He was smiling as he realized how much he loved her and how distant she was from him. He knew how she felt and he knew he can’t lose her. She was too precious  to be lost. Yet the dream was so real that it almost felt like he lived in it. He felt her. He loved her.  He told her that how imperfect she was yet so perfect she would be for him. But irony was it was a mere dream. 

He took his pen and scribbled something in his diary. 

He wrote. 

“I saw her again,

I wanted her again, 

She was infront of me, 

She was a soul to see. 

She became so imperfect 

Yet that made her my real perfect.”❤️


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The Freak says:

    Look boy perfection doesn’t exist at all, it’s your soul who decide who is perfect or who is special for you, not your love because your soul is not in your heart but it is in your mind always remember love brings weakness with him.🤔


    1. Maybe love makes you stronger.


      1. The Freak says:

        You shouldn’t believe ,what is not 100%sure


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