Why are you always so furious and angry with me”. She said with a rather sad tone.  Her face was seeking answers. He didn’t reply to her sentence. She went away crying. She thought he was arrogant  and didn’t care about her. He was still sitting there on the bench. It started to rain.  He was looking up in the sky and thought about her. A small drop of rain ran down his cheek. “How lucky you are? Aren’t you?” he said looking up in the sky.” You get to run down her face and reach her soul. You feel her warmth. I’m jealous of you. We both look up at the same sky and feel the same breeze of wind. I wish I was in your place to rather smell her scent. To see her pretty eyes that she closes when you run past her. To hug her.”

“You don’t understand  a thing. We can’t be together. Maybe you deserve someone more compatible.”They had been in a mess and many fights it wasn’t working out for them. Those were the last things he heard from her. Days went by months went by. Finally it was her B’ day when she got a letter in the morning. “maa, where you got this from?”  she asked. “a boy gave it to me while I was coming back from Temple. Your name was written on it so I thought maybe you should read it.” She opened up the letter.  There were hundreds on her photos that came out like a stream of WATER,  from the envelope. 

“Don’t be so surprised. I see you everyday.” It was him.  After almost a year it was finally him.  The one that mattered to her. 

Dear my little world,

             You are the most complex  thing I’ve ever ran into.  Yet so simple that I can’t forget to recall you everyday. Don’t you miss me? Yeah sure you don’t. I just wanted to tell you I wasn’t arrogant or angry. I had always been jealous. I wanted to keep you by my side. I couldn’t resist not talking to you. A force drew me towards you. Force which was much stronger than the love I had, for you. I saw how happy you were with people around you. I also wanted to be a reason to your little packets of joy.  I wanted to make you feel the world I had for us. You are my kind. You are one of the kind. They see you everyday yet they don’t appreciate  the piece of heaven that sits among them.  They make you feel sad and uncomfortable. They make you feel unwanted. I wanted to be your want. I wanted to be someone you look to when you are lost. I wanted to be your man. I’m sure you are gone, I’m sure you are far alone. But if you ever look back to the one that you belong, you will always find me here. Here staring at your picture with a stupid smile and a beating heart. I owe my love to you. 

I’m jealous of not being the reason

Reason behind your smile. 

I’m jealous for not being there

For Not making you feel wanted. 

I’m jealous for the eyes that see you

They capture your heartthrob  looks. 

I’m jealous of the way you feel the music

I wish I could make you feel the same.

Im jealous with the amount of trust you have in God. 

I wish you had the same trust in me. 

I’m jealous for not being him

He who craved inside your pretty soul. 

The memories he craved in your heart are memorials but I wish I could have had made a castle of dreams. Dreams in which we could have had lived in.  I didn’t want to be a memory I wanted to be a story in which I was your hero.”

Tears ran down her cheek as she turned to her mom for a shoulder. He was standing there. With a stupid smile.  Her mom knew how badly they wanted to see each other. After all you know happy endings aren’t always a myth. 💓


10 Comments Add yours

  1. mini says:

    Happy endings are a myth
    And for u Mr.blogger I can prove it.happy endings exist ..but only in TV dramas and movies.real life has no serious evidence for happy endings.


    1. Not in my case though. I found happiness in her. 💓 that’s not the end though it’s just the beginning.


      1. mini says:

        Let me tell u what exactly hppnd.I used to call him Bhai…u know the word attaches emotions with it.after several yrs he went away saying dude u were no one to me n occupy no stage in my life.he did this …u know what he said he was my I understand y he said all those things..js bcz he wanted to talk to my grlfrnds who were beautiful.n when his task was accomplished he left me devastated..only if I was beautiful I could have had him…I hope he reads my reply to u..and gets what he made me feel like.


      2. You never know the reasons. 😁


      3. mini says:

        Now do u get it that …happy endings are a myth…if u found happiness hope u both live together till posterity


      4. I didn’t find happiness I stopped searching for it. That’s where it was found in people around you and memories you had with them💓


  2. mini says:

    At least u see her daily talk to her daily or even once in a week ….u have her..I have not seen him for an year ..n I wont be able to he NVR cared for me and so will not ever cme to see me….where is the happy ending?


    1. Absence is the best presence you know. Maybe God wanted you to realize his worth in your life. Maybe he parted from you because he saw too much and knew very little. There’s are story to every side of the page. You just can’t turn the page without reading it and then say that the story didn’t live up to your expectations. 😊


  3. mini says:

    I wished u spared tym in ur past b4 letting her cry…turn on the pages now…


    1. Maybe I read the book and already knew the ending 😁


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