Yet again. 

I’m calling it off for today. You just let me down everytime. You aren’t even trying. You were never like this. ” She left without looking back as he was standing still in the long corridors  watching her hustle back to her class. He was smiling even though he knew,  it will take time for her to get back to normal. His mind was having quarrel with his heart. “she will turn back ” said the stupid heart. “She wont!” said the realistic mind. Yet again his mind won the quarrels on uncertainties and faith. Yet again his believe on his stupid heart took a tremendous  blow. Still he knew it was his heart who gave him the chance to meet her. The chance to keep her. 

“I think she doesn’t even care for you. Look at the way she talks to everyone. Aren’t you going to ask her your importance in her life?” said his mind with deep anger. “look how happy she is. Aren’t you just happy looking at her this way. She’d rather be set free than be captured in cages of love”.  “That’s why everyone leaves you. Get a bit realistic. She ain’t coming to you.”

Mind:” Are you sure about this. You are going to her place to give her this. Why on earth you act so desperate. It won’t even matter to her.  Don’t ring the bell. Not don’t.  Okay!  Idiot over to you now. Messed it up again.” 

Heart: it will be fine trust me. Now keep quite she’s coming. Actually the thing you will feel now will make you believe in love a bit more. 

She came and her face lit up like millions fireflies wandering in a dark night, like sudden rain in a really hot day. She went from a 16 year old to 6 years old with the smile. 

Heart: see it. Wasn’t it worth to come to her place? I know she won’t give you the place you deserve in her life. Yet the place you have in her heart is much more  important  than any wonders of this world. She is a miracle. Isn’t she the one you always wanted yet never had a chance to get. She’s a mirror. A mirror so beautiful  that reflects everything piece of calmness on this world. How can you even give up on her?  She fought all alone this long and now when she wants someone aren’t you willing to lend her a hand? 

Mind: she has many. She won’t need you!  Why will she want someone like you who cant even speak himself when she’s around? Why would she?  Why she will choose you over every other guy? 

Heart: maybe she won’t ever choose me. Maybe she has many. But maybe the only thing she needs is me. I know I sound crazy to you but I see her and me in the end. I know it’s impossible  for a person like me who panics and falls in his own insecurities. I know it’s really hard for me to admit it. But maybe all this will just make me reach one step closer to her. Just to see her and talk to her. Aren’t you willing to do it for yourself? I know she’s just another one but maybe she is the only one.

Mind: it’s impossible  to deal with you. You lost everything in the process of getting her. Maybe you will continue to do that and end up having nothing. 

Heart: I don’t want her as a companion. Maybe a friend to whom she can turn to and talk sometimes. I have things I wanted to say to many people. I hope someday my words reach to her heart and open the door the separates us.  I know how you will. But I know time will heal. Time will give you somebody better than her. But time won’t be you “her”. 

Saw you yet again. 

Saw you here again. 

Maybe your eyes told me to go away. 

But in my heart I wanted to run away. 

I wanted to run away with you. 

In the mountains of stories. 

In a life full of glories. 

I saw you yet again 

In my mind we are never together. 

But in my heart we had been this way forever. 💓


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