Those eyes. 

And then they said eyes never lie. 

Were they wrong all this time?  Creating an illusion from a small jar of expectations. We were mere strangers in the night. Our eyes met first,  and it was like an arrow going deep down my heart pearcing it down. Those little eyes hold imaginations and dreams. Somedays they hold tears of happiness and tears of sadness. But what gets me crazy is the way they look at me. It’s like they are in need of something. They want love and affection more than anything. Those brown eyes wild like the winds of dessert and so wondrous I could drown myself in. It was distant yet I could magnify the amount of treasures it had. We looked at each other for years. It was like something happend to my institutions and the more I wanted to get away from you the more I was in love. Love right? I don’t know how to define the amount of pleasure I felt when those eyes were looking at me. So I call it love. They showed me the amount of joy you held when you saw me after a long time. More than your movements were your eyes. They spoke the words you couldn’t speak at times. They left me spell bounded. They were a pilgrimage to me. They were the gods I worshipped and the stars I saw and all of them weren’t as beautiful  as the eyes you had. I never had a chance to tell you the amount of happiness your eyes gave me. It was like a rebirth to the dying. Like my soul in being reincarnated by the tenderness and joy of your pretty eyes. Those eyes were heaven sent. 

 It’s been a long time since I’ve crossed paths with those searching eyes. It’s like those eyes finally found a traveler to give themselves a rest. I’ve been searching and roaming just to get one more look at those pretty eyes,like they contacted my soul much more they contacted my appearance. They where like a vision to my lost sighted world. They were like a hope in the darkness of seas and light in the midst of nowhere. Can I look at them once again? Just to feel them, the love they held for me. Just to feel the cool of the shade they gave to my chaotic mind and my unresolved heart. They were like a piece of puzzle and a key to my lost lock. 

How heartless I was to let you go away in this dynamic  world alone. You wanted me,  those eyes never told lies they said. I waited for you in the darkness on my own. Where my mind and my heart where in an hour of tussle. Where everything was wrong and my world was long gone and lost. You gave a shelter to an Oblivion who was lost in his thoughts. Those eyes were my reasons to survive. Those eyes were the place where my world resides. I WANT YOU NOW. I want those searching eyes. Like the light of the moon that always guides. I can’t give up this fight. 

Just to see you again. 

Just to feel those eyes again. 

I can’t give up the fights. 

I keep on going through lonely nights. 

I’m not alone you have an eye on me. 

My world is better through your eyes just see. 💓


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