Falling in love. 

“I Love you” she said.  

“I don’t love you yet. Maybe I don’t know what I feel for you. I don’t know what love feels like” he said in a rather timid voice.  

“Why  don’t you love me? Am I now worth it?”she said almost bursting into tears.  

“Love isn’t the only thing that counts maybe the process of falling in love does. We’ve known each other for years. We’ve been best of friends. I just don’t feel like naming it love. I mean like love isn’t everything. Maybe I like you right now and I’m on way to love you. I like your presence. I feel happy when you are around and I feel I’m myself when I’m talking, sharing all my feelings with you. The first day we met it was like it wasn’t something easy. We’ve always been different. The way we talk, our fights,  you beating me up for no reason, crying when you get angry or I get angry,we’ve been there for each other when needed the most isn’t it more important  than mere love. I feel like you walk beside me like a shadow. Silent but always there. Haven’t you realized it yet? Love isn’t something that gets vanished with time . Evergreen and ageless like the sun, stars, and the moon. Love is something bigger, amazing, it’s not what makes it amazing maybe the way you fall in love with someone is much more. The process of falling in love, the small packets of memories and mountain of barriers you climb to  fall for someone. Love isn’t something small that you say “I love you” and you are in love. Maybe you aren’t even close to fall in love. Love is something that you feel like when you’ve been with someone for years and still fall for them everyday. You want to see them around you and you just want to be with them. Love is like you fall for the baby face of your lover when she wakes up right beside you or you try to hold her closer than ever before after an hour of fight. You know every flaw they have and still love them. You’ve known each other since you where so small. You’ve seen how she cried and how small little eyes she had. How she has changed over years and still is beautiful  and flawless. Even though she was weak inside she was soo strong outside. You fall for the way she speaks out to you everytime and how enthusiastic she is when she tells everything  that happened to her the entire day. 

I don’t love you and I think I’m not even close to fall in love. But, I feel something for you that’s priceless. I may not plan to spend my entire life with you right now but I do think I’ve spent the time of my life with you. The memories you gave me, I’ll cherish them forever. Love couldn’t have had made me feel that way. The process of falling in love with you did. I felt soo strong when I was with you. I felt like you’ve always been there. Right beside me. Love couldn’t do that. I’ve done this before. I said I love you in my dreams many times, but when I wake up I think I love your presence. When I share my lunch, how you spoon feed me at times that’s love. I can’t tell you how long I’ve felt this way but I want it to be this way for a long time. Forever isn’t a long time if you’ve lived it in a single touch. When you hold my hand I feel the strongest. When you put your head on my shoulder I feel the world resides besides me. I don’t want you as someone temporary. I feel like I want you for the rest of my life. Call it love if you want, but falling in love gave me more joy than loving you ever gave to me. Yes,  I do love you not your face but maybe your soul is beautiful and that’s love. Just like the glowing moon in the dark. 💓” 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. mini says:

    Kya tmne use kbi btaya k u lv her …?if yes toh usne tb kya kaha?


    1. I never told her. She is too distant from me even though I see her everyday.


  2. mini says:

    Her name starts with S…RYT?


    1. How come you know that 😐


  3. mini says:

    Dude ….think……


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