That day. 

Ever wanted someone soo much that you even forget they aren’t even there now and let yourself drown in their memories. Have you ever seen a bird in the sky, the swiftness it has it vanishes away everytime a storm comes up. So I’ve been thinking about it recently where we were and where we stand now. It’s been a long time hearing from others what you do and what you’ve been up to recently. But then I realize that I’ve passed my entire childhood this way. I always wanted to be a part of your adventure but never really had a chance. It was like a friend is much better than thousand lovers and yes, I was your friend. 

So that day when I was sitting in my class after a screwed up day. I heard your voice coming from the corridors and as usual my friends get more excited about your presence than I do because they don’t  know the truth. Like everytime you show up anywhere it’s like a burst of emotions inside me. So I was sitting there and my friend he literally said I was calling you. I didn’t expect him to do that. But never mind. After a long time I saw you in those typical school shirts (basically yellow was one of my favorites because you wore it)  but it’s like yeah you were looking amazing as usual. So you said “hey you called?”  I was  Awestruck to be honest but yes I nodded. I actually have a hell lot to say but when I see you it’s like butterflies. So it’s like yes we started talking and I was listening. I was happy to see you. After a long time alone with me. I was stumbling with my words. So I thought you got up to go. Yes a sense of despair ran down my veins. But that day was different. It was something about it. A core memory . You got up from the table you were sitting on and hugged me. I rewind it. Again like okay it’s not a dream. You hugged me! 

The flow of blood stopped and actually it got inside my head. My heart was pounding inside my chest like I just completed a marathon. My universe started taking a shape. Actually that small moment of uncertainty and Delusion was the moment for me. You got back. I really wanted it to last forever. If forever was just a moment of time that could be measured by the amount of pleasure you get. My forever was of of some seconds. I saw it in your eyes. It was normal for you I guess. It wasn’t for me. I heard your heart beating at once. I smelled your aura. I was falling for your presence. I closed my eyes to feel the warmth but all I could do was coming back into the reality. For the first time reality was better than fantasy. So that small moment of tremendous joy ended in a flash. I never thought of writing this but maybe it’s worth it. 

It’s been a long time this happend. Nothing changed but a memory craved soo deep inside my heart even gods can’t wipe it apart. Yes you. You made my heart go crazy like roller coasters. I wish I could ever find words to say to you that you are special to me even though world denied that fact. But now it’s just a fame of memory and I’m on a different way. A way that never leads to you. 

I wish that day was a never ending story. A story that I can indulge in everytime I close my eyes.


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