Love stories. 

What a love story means to you? A boy and girl, falling in love with each other, boy making it up to the girl. This is how a normal love story starts

 right?  Boy proposing a girl and she saying a yes probably. What if my thoughts about love stories are different. What if I’m a boy that’s probably never going to approach and tell you how I feel. What if a person falls in love with his/her best friend. You’ll say look he’s talking about best friend again. But it’s not true. Not all love stories are same. You should fight for what you want and they say that soul mates always find a way back to themselves. So it’s like let’s take romeo and Juliet as an example. A magical love story about how things go wrong and everytime romeo comes to save the day. What if romeo is lost himself. Why doesn’t Juliet gives it a try?  Why doesn’t Juliet save the day. Because we think that a boy will do it. It took me 6 years to tell her that I like her. (that too on a phone call, calling it I really liked her even though I liked her everyday) Why don’t people make it simple. Why ruin it for people like me who still believe that love exists somewhere and not a mere fantasy. 

There’s this song I really like by one of my favorite singers.

“Romeo save me I’ve been feeling so alone. I keep waiting for you but you never come. “

What if that’s different in my case 

” Juliet save me I’ve been feeling so alone. I keep waiting for you but you never come.”

What if you are blamed for something you never did. Not blamed basically but still. Why is it that no one comes to save the day and you have to be your own savior. What if you’ve been fighting a fight that was long lost. Never fall for your best friend. Even though that sounds crazy but it sucks unless and until you plan to live your entire life with them. You loose someone that literally knows all you ups and downs and secrets. Most importantly you loose your best place to cry on. You loose a good decision maker, a fighter for you, a well wisher. Actually this list is never ending. 

I still believe in fighting for your loved ones. But what if all reasons you had are gone. Will you move on or still fight for those tiny  bits and pieces of memories you had. When all the hopes you had were named something materialistic. Something you never wanted to happen. Will you give up? 

Because I’d been told about moving on everytime. But do our parents move on and give up after a hectic fight or something really bad. I guess everyone has their off days. Everyone does something wrong. What’s the point in holding onto it then? If everyone moved on then there’s nothing like perfect stories even with all the imperfections. I admit that I’m a hopeless romantic. And I still believe it will happen somewhere in parallel world. But my mind Damn!  It never stops cursing me for my attempts to be a hero in her life. Actually I’m no one right now. But then it makes me think move on or stay?  Why are you giving up on something you wanted for a lifetime. Why are you just not trying to make it happen. Will she ever save my day. Like I tried to do. Dilemma so deep,  I’ve been fighting it for days now. 

“Never leave romeo he never has to be alone. “

Maybe sometimes even romeo needs a saving for his Juliet. But what if it never takes place. Well happy endings do happen maybe not in my case.  


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  1. Bro fighting the fight isn’t always the Best choice, you’ve never thought that princess snow-white will come on a unicorn and ask for your hand it doesn’t go that way you hell of a gypsy . But then also Respect to your post. 🙏
    – dev


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