Did i ever tell you. 

“Hey, I haven’t heard from you for a long time. Where are you!? “, he texted her. 

It’s been two months since they last met. She was his best friend. He had something deep for her which she never realized. They both talked like they’ve never seen each other. With same enthusiasm and joy. But everyone said she used to talk with everyone like this. So he accepted the reality and buried down his fantasies. 

“Hey. Are you there?! “he texted again. 

” hello? “he typed. 

He was engulfed with bad thoughts. He was not sure what she was up to. He was worried. It didn’t take him long to loose his mind and he began to cry. He was not sure what was happening to him. The thought of her was all over him.  He realized he had so many unsaid things that he wanted to say to her. He was tortured by the thought of never seeing her. Two days went away. It was time when summer breaks were almost over. Out of the blues he received a text message from her mother. 

“We are getting shifted to a different place in couple of days. Do visit us. ” flashed on his phone. 

“I’ll come today.”    he texted with lot of hesitation. 

“Sure. Come over to our place by 6.” A reply blinked on his phone. 

Initial thoughts were what all I can say to her. I’ll see her for the last time. Can I tell her what I feel. He was panicking. He was sweating and breathing faster with every passing minute. 

I’ll write. “what?!”  he said to himself.  “That’s the only way.” he said again with a sigh. 

He took his pen and started.. 

My dear best friend,

Its been soo many long years of us fighting,  crying, singing,  dancing, and being together. But did I ever tell you that maybe we had something special. I mean look at me. I blush every time I see you. I don’t feel like being myself when you touch me. I realize that everytime we don’t talk I want to talk to you even more. Do you have things like these as well? Childhood dream of all fellowmates of mine. You ruled things. And I was like look she’s my friend. I’m on the way to ruin my friendship but I guess it’s worth it. Because you gave me memories I can’t dream of but the world I have in my mind should be known to you as well. You taught me how to live in details. You showed me how fearless and amazing life is. You made me believe in myself. What you did to me was what love does to others. Did I ever tell you that your penguin like walk makes me love you even more. The way you beat me everytime I’m sad. Everytime you tease me just to make me feel more pathetic. You know everything still act unknown just to make me think you don’t know. Did I ever tell you how strong and beautiful you look when you debate on some topic. I’ve seen galaxies in your eyes and whirlwinds in your mind. How differently elegant you are. Did I tell you I will always love the “carefree”  version of you. Did I tell you how long my nights be when I don’t talk to you on calls. Did I tell you how good my day goes when I see you. Did I tell you, that you are like a soul to this  dead. Did I tell you I’d rather love talking to you for million years rather than  accepting all the riches of the world. Did I ever tell you that Ill always be here, and I’ll never give up on you like everyone else did.  You can mend a broke heart just by your words and you can make it bleed as well. I’m not giving you the power which you already had. I’m just telling you that this power will always be with you. 

All I wanted to tell you was be here for someone like  me because if not me maybe there will always be a person  you won’t ever see. 

With love 

Your best friend. 

Did he ever meet her? Was the letter sent to her?  Did she read it with tears in her eyes and gave him a hug or she just walked away. I wished they did. I wish he told her all of it. I hope he would’ve never left her like everyone else did. 

Maybe he did and maybe they are still together. Or maybe they never existed Like you and me. “Don’t ever tell her these things, maybe she’ll realize it herself.” said the voices. 


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  1. mywords331 says:

    This post is awesome. That letter was heartfelt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know better I guess. 🙈💓

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mywords331 says:

        Yeah.. emotions flowed through that letter.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Simran ❤ says:

    Hey it was amazing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. 🙈


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