IMG_20170326_025021_592My felicity you were,

My Solasta star,

My remedy and my tragedy,

My heart ache and my heart break.

Epitome of beauty and madness,

You my darkest Lustre,

With an Oblivion song.

You will always be my aeonian love

My aeonian love.

Do we ever lose our sight in the brightest of days? Like when you have it all figured out in your mind but nothing actually goes how you thought it to be. I jumped around with her realizing we aren’t  kids anymore. We dreamt realizing the only picture we’ll always see is this reality. The only song that breaks my heart nowadays is your silence. I’ve painted your name on the walls I’ve surrounded myself in. I’ve written your favorite words inside the pages of my old heart book. I still wear your smell just incase we ever collide and you realize how far I’m from loving you. This struggle of not looking at you when you are looking at me. Your aura. Your elegance while you stand. I was in awe when I first saw you and still feel a gush of blood inside my head realizing I’m done with my thoughts. I run from you just to make me feel safe in my loneliness. I still tell your tales to people around me. The way you swirled around my world. Was I catching these clouds all this time? You are my nepenthe. My moonglade on a cloudy day. Didn’t I fill up our jars with wishes that were ever lasting? These stars are everlasting. These emotions are everlasting. Our soul is everlasting. Your touch is everlasting. I’m a your reflection. Your everlasting shadow. Your eyes are dazzling. Like all the stars of this universe are studded in the depths of those black eyes. Your hands mightier than the mountains and swifter than winds. The way they held me when I was shattered in pieces. Love makes people lose their emotions. I lost the emotion of sadness and despair when we collided. You tiptoed inside my heart and left it in ruins. I’m still running inside your thoughts ain’t I? You my prettiest lie and the hardest truth. I still sing our favorite song at night when I’m crying my inside out. I miss your dominant touch. The way you owned me more than I ever did. You are the eloquence that’s embroidded in my words. Didn’t we conflate in each other’s heart? My ethereal story you are. I was to evade from you. From your memories,That engraved itself  inside my heart. Maybe my sumptuous love wasn’t enough for you. I only have vestigial amount of me left inside me. Everyday makes me feel more eternal in this world of mortals. The way I’ve lived my darkest days with brightest of smiles that you told me to put on everytime we met. I missed you all this time.

Stars collided inside this mind

And my songs started making this sound.

The sound of you coming from my dreams,

Into this world of my screams.

Saving me again,

Come to me in this heavy rain.

My aeonian love,

My aeonian love.


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  1. Drowning deeper in your words. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Learnt that from you. 🙈💓


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