The wait which tends to be so long,
The gods keep on singing the same song,
Broken pieces which aren’t ever found.
which keep me making that sad sound.
Aren’t you coming back now?
Are you going to bow?
Aren’t you taking me with you?
We promised to make our world all brand new.
This dysphoria gives me such vibes,
This dysphoria keeps me awake all night.
Thinking about you,
Trying to make this dream come true.

“Hey are you not going to jump in?” a voice came from a recorded audio.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’ll always stay with you.” Another recording that comes up with a fimiliar voice.
“You don’t understand, I love you?” *phone hangs up.*
“Are you crying?” with a child like voice from one more audio.
“What are you doing this late?” came a voice from behind.
“Nothing dad just..” he said quickly wiping his tears.
“Go to sleep right now.” In a loud voice.
“Yes, dad going.” he said with a smile.
As he lays down. He covers himself with a pillow. He starts crying. No one in the world knows why. He always ends up crying at night when the world is far asleep and all you hear is ticking of the clock. There’s silence around him. The silence that makes noises that threatens his conscience. Silence that bangs his eardrums.
As he sat down on his bed with a sigh, there was a knock on his window. There was someone outside. It was a full moon night and it felt like there was a girl.
He opened up his window. She jumped onto him.
“Happy friendship day!” she said holding him as tight as ever.
“But wh” he couldn’t complete his sentence.
“Shhh, let’s go out first.” she said holding his hand.
He jumped from his window to the rooftops. He was right beside her. As close as he wanted her to be.
“Why are you looking at me?” she said with a confused expression.
“Why can’t I look at you.” he said with smile.
“Look at the moon, it’s much more beautiful than I can ever be” she said looking at the moon.
“Well even thousand moons can’t match your beauty” he said.
“Oh, how come?” she said.
“And you ask me how come the moon can’t match the beauty you have. Well moon can’t sing like you do. Full of irrelevant words and ruined beats. Moon can’t smile at me like you do. Moon can’t fall in love with things like you do. Moon can’t talk to me. Moon can’t hold me. Moon stands there life less and you full of life. “he said looking at the moon.
“But Moon is eternal. Moon is there and will always be there. Moon has watched stories and life of millions of people. Moon knows so many stories. Stories that you can’t ever think of.” she said looking at him.
And he opens up his eyes. He was back to the real world again. With that unwell feeling. Where she no longer exists. Where moon still remains eternal, but she’s gone.
He goes to the roof top.
“Hey. I miss you where you are. Talk to me” A voice memo. It plays on repeat. It repeats everynight. It repeats everytime he misses her.
He stands in front of the mirror trying to look at himself and feel her touch on his skin. He takes long showers and sits there thinking about the day when he forgot his umbrella and they shared it back to their home. Trying to feel it once more.
“Take my hand. We are almost there.” she said.
“There, where? he said.
“Wait a bit” she said holding a cover on his eyes.
“We are here! My favourite place in this small town. Where we can see the moon and the sun at the same time during the dawn.” she said smiling like a kid.
He whispers “I love you.” But no one there to listen to him.
“You said something?” said asked.
“Yeah. This place looks amazing.” he said.
Holding each others hand at that moment it felt like forever. It felt like it won’t come to an end. But it did. The moment, the places and what was left was haunting memories.
This unwell feeling it never loses its hold on him.
“Come back!” he wrote to her.
“Happy friendship day” is a message that flashed on her screen a year later.

“If I lose myself tonight,
Will you come and hold me tight.
The lines on my hand,
I hope they cut in a way I’ll be the one for you
I’m taking a stand,
for something I’m always going to lose.
This feeling of dysphoria,
Can it be my Euphoria?


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  1. Kurian says:

    This one you posted here is of some very high standard

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      1. Kurian says:

        You are very welcome. Please continue the excellent contributions for people like me to follow and enjoy. Take care and all the best


      2. Thank you so much.😘

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  2. Ah you sweep me off my feet with your posts. :”)

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