“Haven’t you seen his smile?
Which he always tries to hide,
Haven’t you seen his glowing eye?
Which dims every time you pass by,
Aren’t you fond of love stories he asked,
Now he keeps on saying love stories are totally masked,
What changed him so much said his mirror,
who takes away the stars that glitter,
Why he tries to hide this pain,
I wish he loved someone like this once again.

“I don’t think this is working out, I mean why you keep on acting like the most
possessive boyfriend. I keep on telling you to give me space and all you do is act
weird every time you see me out with someone.” she said in a hurried voice.
“but..” he said rather hesitatingly.
“What but?! I know you won’t say anything .This is what you do every time. End it please.
there is no point dragging something unnecessarily.” she said.
“I was not..” he said and before he could complete his sentence the phone hung up.

He was all numb. It was happening all over again. The torture of having another
unsuccessful relationship. Like every time he went there it was same again. Same
feelings, same reasons but different people.  It became a habit of giving his share of
everything and getting mere nothingness from the other side.

He tried again and again but failed. With life, with people and with emotions. So
he wrote a letter to god and gave it to the priest that sat in the temple. He believed
god could help him out this time. He went to the priest and told him about his
letter. The priest agreed to convey his message to god. He knew he would never have
anything in return but he wrote so that he could let things out of his head.

“Dear god,
There are plenty of things I would’ve had thought of but the only thing that
gets my mind is emotions. How every time I ruin things because of these emotions. So
I want you to grant me a wish. Not being a millionaire or having all the luxuries of
world but to be a mirror. Yes a mirror. So that I could reflect other people’s emotions.
So that I don’t have to show her my emotion every time she looks at me or talks to me. So
that I could listen to all her thoughts and queries and still don’t fall for her or
feel anything specific about her. I want to be a mirror because I want to sit there
and look at her and feel how she feels. To cry with her not to cry for her. To look
at her and see that she is already looking at me. So that she can’t leave me. So
that she isn’t bored of me. I want to show her all her emotions. I want to love like
her,cry like her and feel like her. To be her other half that she looks upon every time
she is happy or she is sad. To feel her smile after her first kiss or feel her eyes after she
loses something that means a lot to her. To be there for her even if she never notices me.
To be her other part without letting her sense my presence. To watch her say silly things
about her and laugh with her. To know about her fears and about her favourite song.
To see her in every way and still be there for her without falling for her. I want you to
let me be a mirror so that I can see her the way she looks at her.”

The priest never saw him again so that he could tell him his letter was somewhere lost in
the temple. But the priest will never know what happened to the boy. Will he?

“Try a bit this time,
Because she will never know,
And she will never even show,
You have to tell her the stories you write,
and how your world becomes so bright.
To hold her without touching her,
That’s why I want to be a mirror,
Mirror to see her face,
so that I could watch her beautiful grace.



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