Say something


“Talk to me, say something,
Speak to me because it’s haunting,
won’t you remind me of all the promises,
won’t you take me to our old premises,
It hurts watching you this way,
It pains looking at you going away,
Won’t you keep me inside you heart,
Please say something because it’s hard to restart.”

As he left his office building in a hurry he sensed a strange feeling coming from within him. He started getting calls and messages all of a sudden from people and relatives.
“What could’ve happend!?”he said to himself.
Phone ringing. *flashed mom*
“Maa, what happend?”he asked.
“She met an accident.” voice came from the other side.
“Okay.”he said emotionless.”Text me the address of the hospital and room number.” he said in a hurry.
As he hurried down the road to catch a cab he could sense his heart coming out of his chest. The nostalgia so deep, he could sense himself somewhere he never wanted to have himself. He booked a cab and as he seated himself on the warm seat of the cab he felt almost everything going inside his mind.
A strange thought came to his mind,”But did I loved her enough?” he said holding his head the starting out of his window as the cab rushed down the highway to the city hospital. Coincidentally it was the same date when they both first met on a secret date bunking their coaching 7 years ago, and it felt to him like nothing changed at all between that day to this day. But today all of a sudden his 2556 days of being with her seemed to be so less. He felt like he can write million things about her. He was in a dilemma for his love and for his affection towards her. He took a deep breath as the cab reached in front of the hospital premise. He closed his eyes for a second and he saw her smiling face and all he did was exchange smiles closing his eyes.
He rushed into the hospital and checked into the hospital and enquired about her room. He saw relatives and most of all he saw tensed faces. With every step he took his heart would sink deeper in the darkest depths of his insecurities. He gathered his strength and asked,”How is she doing?”. “Go look yourself.” said his father.  He slowly went inside and his heart skipped a beat when he saw her. Her face filled with stitches and bandages and her hand swelled with injections of painkillers. He was staring at her. Stunned, by what was in front of him. She was the same girl with the most amazing and generous smile of this small little world. She was the same little girl who perfectly matched the size of his hug and she was the same girl who went around the room to jump on his back and tell him to sing her his favourite song. She was still the same. But she was still. motionless, like a statue with no emotion. She was so silent to him that day even the clock ticking felt like drums banging around him.
“Say something. Don’t just lay there my love.” He said to break the silence of the clock ticking.
“You look beautiful, even with these marks on your face. Remember the first time you got a mark by a sharp pencil you said you hate marks on your face. I guess you will have a hell lot of complains to make when you wake up. I missed you like a solider misses his family and a mother misses her child when he’s gone. I missed you with every tick of the clock and every breath I take in. How long you’ve been this way? How much pain you’ve been in already. I’m holding you hand and it feels so cold. I want to give you every sense of warmth I have to make you feel like I’m here next to you. I remember how many times I’ve told you I don’t love you but I love you more that ever. I told you I don’t have anything to say to you but now it feels like I could tell you so many things. I could tell you how much I love you and how much I want you right now. I could tell you I’ve never been this lonely in my life before and I could tell you how everything was wrong with me in the office. I want to talk to you. I want you tell you how much this moment is important to me and how I can’t afford to lose you for even a second. I want to live all the remaining moments of my life with you right by your side so that I could keep on telling you that I’ll never run out of love for you. Say something, talk to me, just say anything you want to. Tell me how your day was or how your hair irritated you the entire day or how your office colleagues tried to ruin your day. Just say anything you want to, but say something. Don’t lay there so lifeless. Open your eyes and show me that you are okay. Say something..” he said with big sigh.
“Did you eat anything?” came a voice.
“what?” he said looking up.
“I said did…” she unable to complete her sentence.
He kissed her forehead with a smile.
“You would’ve said something else.” he said pampering her head.

“Silence has its own stories,
Silence speaks its own melodies,
Do you have anything to say,
or you are just pretending to stay,
Don’t look away my darling,
I’m tired of this hiding,
Say something about yourself,
Tell me everything you hide in your shelf,
Talk to me won’t you?
or will you let me go so soon?


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  1. My favorite person you’re. :’) ❤

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    1. Did I do something wrong😅


      1. I’m scared lil bit. 😅


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