Moon and Earth.

Do you still feel the distance? 

Or you are just denying my existence.

You are my love and my essence,

But I no longer feel your presence,

There’s no denying of our memories so fond, 

But did we break an unbreakable bond? 

Lazy nights we struggled to get up,

But these nights I’m always up, 

I can’t sleep because of this distance, 

I can’t sleep with you denying my existence. 

“Hey earth I miss you.” moon said smiling at the lit Earth? 

“Why you miss me? When you see my everyday? ” earth said annoyed. 

“I miss you because we’ve been so distant all this time even though I see you everyday , I miss you everytime I see you. ” moon said smiling. 

“What amuses you so much that you are constantly smiling at me? ” Earth said in a frustrated tone.

“You are so beautiful. I wish I was with you. To hold you because we’ve been together for eternities, watching each other grow and eventually we were in love with each other. We always promised to meet but this distance never shortens. I could feel heaven and hell between us even though we look at each other every day.  We promise to meet tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.  I see you come and I see you go.  You go leaving me for days when we don’t see each other and then there are days when we tell each others stories and we stay awake the entire night talking and looking at each other.  Love demands attention but love demands love as well. I want to tell you how much this longing kills me whenever I don’t see you for days. I want to be right next to you so that you make me feel your warmth and never make me feel I’m alone in the galaxy of wonders and stars. How empty I feel in the void of endless possibilities without you. I miss you and will always miss you because I can always tell you how much I love you but  I can never show you that.  I feel so distant because I can’t touch you and hold you like lovers do. Can we ever be one? ” moon said in a sad voice. 

“Do you know that in this universe of everything and anything we are the ones that stayed together and it’s you that completes me apart from all the things that define me. I’m incomplete without you and with every day and every second that passes in this universe our tales are told at distant places. Because without its moon Earth is always alone. I can exist without you but I don’t want to.  I can do everything without you but I want you to be there and never let me be alone. I want you to make me wait for days and then show up so that I can tell you my thoughts for nights. We stay awake and talk about things and all the secrets we’ve had. We always have things to talk because we love each other and even though we have seen all the different ways to be distant we love the distance between each other. The distance makes us earth and moon. This distance makes us who we are. Even though we keep on waiting for the day when we meet but I guess we are better the way we truly are. Because I love you more when I miss you. I love you more when I see you after long days and starry night when you aren’t around.  I love you when you come in different shapes. I love the way you are and I’ll always love you till time exists or till the universe persists. ” said the Earth with a smile. 

Another night passed with they both telling how much they loved each other.  And here I sat on my terrace and listened them making love. Always thinking how true lovers never meet in real. How distance makes love Even more stronger and how we love what we never get. 

Real or fake this love is? 

But I know I’m always going to miss,

Miss your way of doing something, 

Miss the way you always sing, 

The eyes of yours tell a different story, 

The eyes makes me feel the glory, 

But I guess I’ll love you in this second, 

Because I’ll never get another chance, 

A chance to make you mine, 

A chance to kiss you a sweet rhyme.


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