Remember me? 

The trails of your wandering,

The paths that I kept on running, 

The wars we fought together, 

And the battle we lost for forever, 

Did I loose this fight long ago, 

Or I was just letting you pace and go, 

How silly I was to let you not see, 

But hey,  do you still remember me? 
“Why?! Why are you leaving!”, a voice from a boy was  filling  the silence of the corridors. 

“Wait!  Let me atleast ask the reason of you leaving me like this.” the voice in much more panic.

“At least say something!”, and the black shadow like body disappeared. 

“Wake up! You sleepy head. You are already late for your first day at the new office.” said his roommate almost kicking him out of his bed. 

“Wait I’m awake. ” he said in a cranky voice. 

“Yeah again the same dream. But why does it keep on haunting me. It’s been months since I had my breakup. But..” he was talking to himself but before completing the sentence a voice came from behind.

“Again talking to yourself. Why I’m even living with you!” roommate shouting.

“I’m going office. I’ll take my breakfast there itself. ”  he said emotionless. 

“And what about the things I’ve made for your first day?” roommate questioned back. 

“OK serve it. I’ll just take a shower till then. ” he said.

In the office,

“Well place looks good.  ” he said to himself. 

“Hey? New employee?” a voice came from behind. 

“Yeah. Can you tell me where’s cabin no. 216.” he said with a genuine smile.  

” Yeah right there. ” the man said. 

As he was filled with new emotions and excitement. A sense of bad omen came. He kept his bag on his desk and started his day’s work. But as he was indulged in it an aroma came by. The same his girlfriend had on. He turned back. The same black hair to whom he was entangled when he saw her first. The same white shirt she had on which she wore on her first date and the same old smile. She was a disaster to his fragile heart. 

“Did she see me. Ofcourse she didn’t else she would’ve had said a hi. Come on!  Why she’ll say a hi. But she was looking pretty as usual . Pretty you idiot she was looking beautiful. But what now?  What should I say to her? Should I talk or should I just let it be. Wait no! She is going like she did the first time. I choked and she left thinking I was not strong enough to stop her.  But I can’t do this again. ” he said to himself and millions of thoughts came engulfing his mind. He was all red. He was breathing fast. 

He got up. 

“What on earth are you doing on the first day of your office?!  What,I’m listening to you. Me?!  Who?  You my heart. Let’s see what happens. But wait! What if she says a no. What if she says she hates you?  Are you fine with it?  Yes I’m. At least I’ll have an answer to my questions. I miss her. I can’t do this without her. I want to listen it from her. I want her to be honest. I can’t see her leave because I gave her all the reasons to stay.  I want to tell her how important this is for me. ” he said to himself wiping his tears off. 

“Hey!” he said. 

The girl stopped and stood right there. It was like the world stopped for the moment. Like nothing else could replace it. Like it was their moment. She turned with red face and teary eyes. 

“Remember me? ” he said with a smile and she was in tears. 

“And then it was their moment,

Like nothing else was meant, 

How fast they caught up with each other, 

How love lasts unlike any other, 

But these memories are a place you find me always, 

Because all these are different phase, 

But don’t forget me so that I can set you free, 

For everytime you forget I’ll say “Hey do you remember me? “


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