dfe63ff7d54803c58c14a5177eb6b5ad“Long time no see?

How far we’ve come, feels like a dream.

But hey wait, are you alright?

Looks like you’re tired of fighting all night.

Don’t give it up this way I suggest,

There’s a life in the making live it to the fullest.

So have you been out with someone else?

Or it’s just me hanging onto our memories at rest.

The light it shines so bright on you,

I feel like I’m falling in love with the thought of you and this sky so blue.”

“I want to just quit things. I’m tired of being me!” He said being furious about work and life.

“But will it sort anything out? I mean like running away is an option?” She said holding his hand firmly.

“Well I need to take my time.” He shook his hand from her hand and left the room. He was in chaos about life. He felt like everything was against him. He went to his favourite spot in the park where he used to sit and watch everyone else in the park. This day was no different. Was it?

“I’ve been acting this way for a long time?Why everything has been so messed up. Life work, relationship with people and even my mood.  Like every decision I take ends up choking my feelings about life all together. ”

“I knew you would be sitting here. I was worried about you running away  without saying anything.” She said with a tender smile.

“Yeah you know me well.” He said as lifeless as a stone.

“Look. I know it’s been quite a rough few weeks. But will it go any better if you continue to whine about it? We’ve been together for a long time and I know you are strong enough to deal with things around you. See if you give up lots of people tend to loose their strings of hope as well. All I can do is get angry and make you feel I’m there. But you have to pick yourself up. No one else will do that. You keep on questioning yourself for the things you never did in the first place? You are a human. Don’t act like you are some sort of artificial intelligence robot that has human feelings but controls it flawlessly. You are mend to break. Everything that breaks makes it look like it was all worked up somewhere. Broken things are as beautiful as the ones that are kept in showcases. But I believe that things that are broken, are broken because they existed and helped out to make their presence felt. When you break you tend to heal after that. When you heal you’ll realise the importance of breaking apart. The more broken you are the more time you give to yourself to heal up. You’ll know yourself better. You’ll fight next time even harder and there will be a fair enough possibility that you’ll break again but hey broken things are legendary. Their stories are told as heroics don’t you think? Have you ever heard someone to be a great person in life without breaking apart at some point of time in their life? Heroes are made in wars and battles of the toughest not in showcases and treasury. The day you realise you are bolder when you are broken you’ll embrace it. All I can do is be there for you at any cost. You’ll have to fight your battles. The more you fight the more you’ll learn how to adapt. And when you try to adapt to the situation you create your own way of facing things. Life doesn’t get easy. Does it?” She said with a pause catching her breath.

The look in her eyes. She was the one. The one that fights by your side till you conquer the gods. The one that embraces you existence and falls in love with the idea of your being.

“You know” he said looking at the sky “. I always wanted to be someone people would be proud to have. I never fought hard. I ran and hide behind the dark so no one could see me. I know life gets tougher everyday. But today I feel like I’m someone new. And all I wanted to say is thank you. For you just being there. Not saying anything just standing there to look at me when I was down and hold me when you saw me crying. You know I never had a chance to tell you this but you mean a lot to me. You, the one standing there are the lighting that enlightens my world. You are the heat that fires up my soul and you are the one that takes away my breath but right now I need to be me. And when I’m myself again I’ll protect you with all my heart and soul. Because I know broken things are beautiful the way they are. And you showed something to me once.


He said with a big smile. And then you figure out what happened.

They. Who were they? Me and you. Of course not. They were like us though. Holding each other at times when there is not place to land our feet on. Love isn’t about loving each other. But it’s definitely about making each other. Making each other a better person everyday. And me? I’m so glad to have you.

“Be it morning, dusk, dawn or night,

I promise to stay by your side.

But you have to stay there as well ,

Because I can’t do it all by myself.

But this time I’ll do all my best,

Because maybe I could then forever rest.

I hereby give you the right,

For you to make me  yours and be your knight.

But before you leave me today,

I’ll like you to close your eyes and pray.

For us to be this way,

For us to be a light in anyone’s  darkest day.


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