And they tell you things,
Things you don’t want to hear,
and they whisper about you,
open away your fear.
You fall through you insecurities,
But let me tell this straight and right,
You don’t have to hear them,
Because they aren’t the ones in the fight.
They’ll say things behind your back,
And things in front of you,
You’ll get away with this phase,
Believe me it’s true.
So if they say “You’re normal”,
just act like one,
If they say “You’re common”,
Just hear them and outcast everyone.

“I’ve seen her silent and quiet. Sometimes in pain and sometimes with a bright smile. You know there is this thing about her. She talks like normal girls about weird things she likes or dislikes. She talks to her friends like she doesn’t even care. She is silent at times like a winter morning or she is violent like a storm of a rainy season. But she is normal. At least I think she is. I mean like she doesn’t drive me crazy at times. Nor she gets mad at me every time I do something wrong. She acts like she doesn’t even get bothered at times. She takes away things she likes. Then why she keeps me distant from her most of the time? I don’t even know if she gets me going at times or not. But she is not the one in the romantic movies you know. Not the tomboy kind of girl. She isn’t rowdy or arrogant but I guess she is possessive. The way she sits with grace that does get my attention. I don’t know the way it goes but there’s something about her. She doesn’t have a big wardrobe or collection of shoes with her. But sometimes she dresses so normally that is looks beautiful. Sometimes, she sits and stares at things. Like they are some sort of art piece. I don’t even know what goes inside her mind at times. She gets angry and doesn’t speak a word. You have to cuddle her up and hold her close to you. And if you fail to do so you are in a big trouble I know. You will definitely not try to look in her eyes when she talks about the things she love. I bet you’ll fall a bit for her at that time. But trust me she’s normal. She fights and tries at times, but makes excuses to run away from her problems as well. The way she looks like a hunter at you when you talk to someone else will definitely freak you out trust me. But the sorry face she makes when she has done something wrong can melt any glaciers of the world. Maybe one of the reasons of global warming I suppose. But she is normal. She is someone you can spend your whole life with without any regrets or hesitations. She’s a different normal. A kind that occurs in every one of us. We believe in love stories and orchestras but at times it’s all silent and you have to search for it. You have to engrave her from bits and pieces and then she might become your valuable art piece. You can spend a lifetime for her but she will always act like she doesn’t care. And you will always have to hold onto her. Win fights for her and sometimes tease her as well. But again I’ll say she is normal. The kind of normal you will love to keep for the rest of your life.

And mom You’ll love to meet her. And please don’t mention any of this on our wedding day. P.S. She is the one for me.

Meet you soon.”

What if this isn’t the time to give up?
If our love story Isn’t heaven made,
will you try to sort things out?
or will you just evade?
I don’t know how hard will it be,
I don’t know how far I can see,
But with you it’s all calm and clear around,
and with you it all feels safe and sound.


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  1. Wow. ❤️❤️❤️❤️Dewaaaang


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