d7d1bfa5e0c86eb59c5c155b4ec195beAnd I tried,
For us and for me,
And I tried,
In a way you can’t ever see.
I took a stand when no one did,
Was I so wrong?
I was alone by your side,
I thought I made you feel strong,
So Can we be friends?
Like we were before,
Can we be friends?
Like a child I want us more.

“She is damn famous. She won’t give a thought about you sending her a follow request.” his friend said.
“I did it anyways. I hope she recognizes me.” he said
“Are you serious?” his friend said like a taunt.
“Yes. I am.” he said with a smile.
“how many followers she has?” his friend countered.
“2k followers. So what?” he said annoyed.
“How many you have?” his friend said like giving a taunt again.
“75” he said. “I have to go. Break is over already.” he continued.
“Stop dreaming. You can have a chance on anyone but not her.” his friend said.
He smiled and left.
Days went by. Weeks. And even months. He got curious.
“Can I ask you something?” he said in a stammering voice.
“Me? ” she said. “Who are you anyways.” she continued.
He didn’t say anything.
Half yearly papers started. And irony was they broaded a bus home at the same bus stop.
“I’m your classmate.”he whispered.
“Yes? You said anything?”she cross questioned.
“No nothing.” he said. The look in her eyes was a good answer to his curiousity.
*One week later*
“I don’t have a chance with her.” he said to his friend.
“Told you already.” his friend said in a proud way.
“Anyways. We board the same bus home and I hope she will talk to me.”he said with excitement.
“I hope she does.”his friend said with no interest.
“I see few boys of our school talking to her. I don’t feel good. And she talks to them all the way home.”he said in a sad tone.
“Get over her. We can get you someone else.”his friend said.
“Anyways tomorrow is the last paper, I hope you are ready to go to the party.”his friend said with enthusiasm.
“Yeah.” he stood up and walked away.
*At the bus stop*
There was tussle between the girl and boys.
The boy grapped the girl’s hand. She was in tears. Everyone was staring like statues.
“What are you doing!” he said to the boy.
“Aren’t you looking what I’m doing?” the boy laughed.
“Well.” he punched him and he was on the ground.
“Ouch that hurted”he said looking at his hand.
Next thing he remembered was he was on the ground. Beaten up. Everyone looking at him and the girl standing there.
“Why you did that!” she said in tears.
“Can I get my follow request accepted?” he said looking at his bruises.
“WHAT!” she said furiously.
“No I mean everyone was looking. No one did anything. That’s what our society is like. And I always saw you with people who didn’t take a stand for you. I just took a stand for you. I’m the most shadowed person of our class. Ironically you don’t even know me till now. But I know one thing people like me are worth it. And I know you are worth it as well.” he said wiping the blood off his face.
“I.”she said stammering.
*she hugged him*
“Can we be friends?” he whispered in her ears.
She laughed like a child.
Next thing is. He went to the party with her holding his hands. ANd his friend’s face was like. Well you already imagined it. Genius you are.

You know it’s about taking your stands. For your choices and for the ones you love the most. For me. I never took a stand for people. I saw them in pain and I didn’t say anything. Now, I want to change. For anyone who needs me. I’m here for you. For anyone who knows me well. I can die for you trust me. And for the ones I love. I don’t know what to say.
Take a stand for people. When you know they are worth it. I know you are.

“I don’t think they exist,
the “forevers” you know,
what I do think is,
they are moments you can’t let go.
I don’t about all this often,
I don’t know all of it you see,
But I know one thing for sure,
You are worth it baby,
So when you feel low tonight,
I’ll still be your friend,
And I’ll always be,
I don’t have to pretend.


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