Define love!

dfd1504ae7fb347cf5fafd1770943773 You ask me to define love,
Like everything else you’ve defined,
You ask me to bundle up love into few words,
Like everything you’ve confined,
But for me it’s not this feeling of love,
For me it’s not what you think,
For me it’s something you don’t feel,
But something that makes you blush pink,
And sometimes it’s just everything around you,
Everything you can’t see,
You know love isn’t just a feeling,
It’s the way you want your life to be.

A letter to someone who wants to fall in love.
I ain’t good at it trust me. I’m just as you are. Fantastic and idiotic. And I trip to my insecurities. I was searching for love like for years. “The one” you know. Someone who had a great body, smells good and looks good. But ironically I was in love with someone who wasn’t good looking. Who came up with messed up hairstyles and talked like a 5 year old talking making up shapes in the sky. But soon I realised we weren’t compatible. Like things were not going so well. As the saying said,”Give everything you have,to get everything you want.” I gave everything I had. My friends, My emotions, My ideas. But it all went away. I was searching love, and I lost myself. You know love isn’t what it seems like. It’s not anything you look and find easily. And sometimes it takes years and years. That doesn’t mean you are not worthy enough. I’ve seen people getting married at 25 and falling in love at the age of 52. I’ve even seen people finding love at the age of 10. And love isn’t something you know. It just happens. I mean like I was running after you like a mad person and you ran away with someone, and then I killed the one you ran away with and kidnapped you. That’s not love. It’s just being maniac about someone. At times love demands patience. And You might think that you are with the right person when you feel tickles inside you’re stomach but that’s not so. He/Her isn’t right for you. Who is right is the one that makes you feel like still water. Calm and composed. You feel like home with them not like rushing in the Times square. No! You can’t stay in love forever as well. But you always take your chances. But never put your self-esteem on the line. You shouldn’t be the one who gets hurt the most in a relationship. NO! Try, I say try a lot. But love yourself equally. Don’t lose your shine just because it’s dark outside. Don’t start crying just because everyone else is crying. Relax. Let the one you love breathe.
I don’t see people love always though. They run a lot. I mean I run alot as well. But that never meant I didn’t love you did it?
I mean If someone tries to make it up to you with care. Like with heart. Asks you how was your day and tells you things about their life just hold onto them for a while. And I know we run. You and me. Away and closer to each other. And at times, I feel like I never loved you and I know this is temporary. But what you should know right now is, Everything you like doesn’t seem you love them. You love their body or their curves or you even love their idea. I guess you don’t love them then. You love them when they are coughing or at their weakest. When you love them after a tired day, when you hold hands telling about things that happened through your day and when you pick each other up. When you start debating in public about your loved one. When you know they are wrong and you slap them in front of everyone and then hug them tightly. When you just love being around them and not just their pretty parts. I loved you my dear, Oh I didn’t?

For anyone searching for love. Search for yourself. You’ll find people like me searching for myself. Maybe we may meet and have a cup of coffee together. Maybe we may fall in love as well. Till then just know that their’s someone looking for someone like you. The exact misfit as you are. And you’ll find them in the most unromantic of times. Hold onto them.
P.S. : I love you!


“Directions you know,
they told me this way will lead to you,
Hardly they knew I wasn’t looking for someone,
But I was looking for love which was true,
As I came up to you,
I wasn’t sure about my love you know,
so I didn’t say anything at first,
then I realised people like you always glow,
And even though I tried,
And even though I tried,
I was in love with you,
Not surely but ironically.


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  1. Kurian says:

    Interesting read. Good indeed

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    1. I’m glad you liked it😁

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  2. ishwivarshney says:


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